Alodias Party Trays

Standard sized half and full-sized hotel pans for buffet-style set up.
Half serves 10 | Full serves 20
Up to 100 guests requires minimum 48-hour notice; 100+ guests requires minimum 7-day notice.
All orders include plates, cutlery kit with napkin, and serving utensils

Gallons of sweet tea, unsweetened tea, and lemonade available. Includes cups, lemons, and sweeteners.
Disposable chafing set ups available. Includes wire chafing stand, chafing fuel, and water pan.

Caesar Salad

Crisp Romain with croutons and Parmesan cheese. Served with creamy Caesar dressing.

House Salad

Crisp mixed greens with carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and croutons. Served with choice of dressing.

Sicilian Chop Salad

Chopped mixed greens, granny smith apples, Gorgonzola cheese, toasted pine nuts, and chopped tomatoes. Served with balsamic vinaigrette.

Fettuccini Alfredo

Fettuccini pasta tossed in our house-made Alfredo sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese.
– add shrimp or chicken

Spaghetti Marinara

Spaghetti pasta tossed in our family recipe marinara sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese.
– add Italian sausage or bolognese

Baked Ziti

Ziti pasta tossed in marinara sauce, tossed with mozzarella cheese and baked.
– add Italian sausage or make bolognese

Bowtie Gratinata

Bowtie pasta tossed in our family recipe rosemary cream sauce with rendered pancetta, topped with paprika and Parmesan and baked.
– add shrimp or chicken


Breaded chicken, veal, or eggplant topped with melted mozzarella and served with angel hair pasta and our family recipe marinara.


Lightly floured chicken or veal, pan-fried and served with angel hair pasta and capers in a lemon butter sauce.


Lightly floured chicken or veal, pan-fried and served with angel hair pasta in a mushroom Marsala wine sauce.


Layers of Ricotta cheese, pasta, and Bolognese, topped with mozzarella and baked. Half serves 15, Full serves 20.

Mushroom Crespelle

Delicate house-made crepes filled with grilled chicken and covered with a sour cream, chive, and mushroom cream sauce.


Delicate house-made crepes stuffed with ground sausage and Ricotta cheese, covered in our family recipe marinara, Parmesan, and mozzarella cheese then baked.

Garlic Bread

Italian bread spread with garlic herb butter and baked until golden brown.

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